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People seek the expertise of our IT consultants for things other than client projects too. We share our experience in professional magazines and give presentations at conferences such as the SEACON (Software Engineering and Architecture), OOP (Conference for Software Architecture) and Architecture Gathering. We regularly discuss professional and technical topics with our colleagues and expand our network of specialists.


Dr Sebastian Kutscha
Company Design in the World of Digitisation (Handelsblatt Journal, 12/2016)

What basic principles does agile-performing IT have to be built on to last in a highly dynamic environment? Kai Hannemann, CIO of Lotto24, and Dr Sebastian Kutscha, founder of Xenium, describe the key to success when reorganising the IT at Lotto24.


Michael Schneider
The Success of a Project is Decided in the Early Stages (eNVenta – DAS MAGAZIN, 02/13)

What do SMEs have to watch out for so that projects turn out successfully? Xenium partner Michael Schneider explains why communication is more important than IT architecture, technology or business architecture.


Dr Sebastian Kutscha
Troubles with the Product Owner: A Plea for PO Teams (OBJEKTspektrum, 10/16)

Thinking and working in an agile manner and reflecting on and optimising work methods – that only works as a team. For this reason, the product owner should not be a one-man show, as Dr Sebastian Kutscha, founder of Xenium AG, argues.


Nicole Weidner
Software Development for Used Car Sales (Junior Consultant 11/2011)

Nicole Weidner (née Wirth) reports why effective testing requires you to look outside the box and how important simultaneous coordination is. Our senior consultant tried out new software intended to make the sales process easier for car dealers.


Dr Sebastian Kutscha
The Two Dimensions of Leadership – With an Agile Transformation as an Example (OBJEKTspektrum, 06/15) [German]

Xenium looked after the expansion of an agile product organisation over three years. Dr Sebastian Kutscha reports on how 12 SCRUM teams with over 100 people successfully launched productive releases.


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