Your Experts for Digitisation Projects

We take the first steps in your digitisation project with you! Our experienced consultants will support you in strategic planning, analyse your organisation and systems, and develop an individual plan to realise your vision. In order to turn digital transformation into sustainable success, we guide projects through effective change management.

Our Services

  • Kickstarting Digitisation Projects    To get your project off to a good start, we
    • support the development of your business idea,
    • develop a strategic road-map,
    • provide independent advice on suitable technologies and products,
    • and initiate the implementation of your projects.
  • Digitisation Project Leadership To ensure a successful digital transformation, we  
    • offer project management from conception to go-live,
    • establish traditional or agile processes and methods,
    • and support implementation through professional change management.


  • OrientationWith an open ear and an eye for detail, we support you in setting up your digitisation project in a targeted and structured manner.
  • Sustainable ImplementationOur holistic and independent approach leads to solutions that make your vision a reality and move your business forward in a sustainable way.
  • Individualised ConsultingBenefiting from our many years of experience in a wide range of industries you will receive customised recommendations for actions and solutions.

Future-proofing Your IT

We give your digitisation project the right impetus and offer guidance for its implementation. We support the development of your business idea, identify opportunities, design a pathway into the future and help you manage the change - with customised solutions, independent of technologies and providers.

  • Digitisation Master Plan
  • Requirement Management
  • Business Architecture
  • Process Design
  • Program Management
  • Agile Transformation

Digitisation Master Plan

Does your company have many open projects and you do not know where to start?

Our IT consultants will help you to recognise connections between individual projects and set priorities. We identify the projects which will quickly lead to noticeable progress in your company. Based on this, we then work with you to develop a digitisation master plan to manage progress across your project portfolio.

Requirement Management

Do you need to introduce software to meet the complex requirements of a wide range of stakeholders?

Xenium ensures your business ideas turn into sustainable IT solutions. We accompany you from the initial brainstorming session to the successful market launch. In concrete terms, this means our IT consultants record, analyse, specify and validate your requirements. In the event of any changes we establish the extent to which these might affect the project.

Business Architecture

Does communication between your business and IT teams suffer due to the use of different jargon? Is your business model under pressure from competitors and new technologies?

A sound business architecture helps you to establish a common language and to evaluate adjustments in collaboration with your IT and business teams. We show you how to utilise your business architecture for IT projects that advance your business model.

Process Design

Do you require well-documented process flows for an upcoming SW introduction? Do you want to foster transparency?

In partnership with you, we develop a resilient process model as the basis for your next steps. This means: we determine the optimal level of detail and set appropriate priorities for future SW support. Your long-term benefit is crucial to us, therefore we work with those who will be using the model.

Program Management

Are you faced with the challenge of managing an extensive IT program consisting of multiple sub-projects?

We have the necessary experience to identify dependencies and plan your program. We ensure all sub-projects are aligned with the common goal. We manage and verify the execution of the projects with a cool head, never losing sight of the bigger picture.

Agile Transformation

Do you want to be more agile?

Together with you, we develop your best possible agile way of working! But achieving organizational change is more complex than merely defining the target. That's why we get everyone involved and support you in leading a successful and sustainable transformation.

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