Our Competencies

Have your IT systems aged or not able to support new business processes? Is your IT project striking high waves? Get us on board – we'll help out!

Together with you, we'll master challenges in the fields of IT project management, business architecture and IT architecture. We don't just look at the project itself, but, most of all, the people behind them too. We feel connected to our clients and are motivated to achieve your goals.

We manage your projects

Project management is more than a standardised approach for us. Our aspiration is to organise the project and, importantly, understand the technical background to it.

We also consider team spirit and clear communication as crucial. By asking the right questions, we uncover the problems early on. This is how our IT consultants can kick-start and establish the changes required.

  • Programme management
  • Project management
  • Test management
  • Roll-out management

Programme management

Are you preparing yourself for the challenge of managing a comprehensive IT programme comprising many partial projects?

We possess the necessary experience to identify dependencies and plan your programme. We ensure that all partial projects are focussed on the one, shared goal. With a cool head, we direct and control implementation and never lose sight of the bigger picture.


Project management

Does your IT project need management that masters challenges both specialised and technical?

Together with you, we'll lead your project to success. We ensure that the IT solution does justice to specialist requirements – and not the other way around.

Test management

Is your software not of the quality you desire?

We believe that testing isn't just a final quality assurance check – rather, it's a significant part of the development process. We help you manage a testing process or, if required, implement one. We involve all employees who play a part in the development process. Our goal: that everyone is happy with the result, from the user to our client.

Roll-out management

Do you want to introduce new software?

You'll keep track of everything with us. Training sessions, new hardware requirements, backing up and migrating data, interactions with other systems – these are just some of the elements of a successful introduction of new software. We plan and coordinate the roll-out of your software so that all users quickly come to a solution that suits them.

We create IT and business architectures

In an IT project, the demands of your company collide with complex technology. We understand both worlds: our experienced consultants get to know your business, examine your IT thoroughly and lead your project to success.

To this end, we develop a concept covering both IT architecture as well as business architecture together with you. Because we're convinced: only by coupling both areas can the overall architecture become a success.

  • Requirements management
  • Business architecture
  • Product Owner
  • IT architecture
  • Process analysis
  • Technical conception

Requirements management

Do you want to introduce software that fulfils the complex requirements of even the most varied stakeholders?

We ensure that viable IT solutions are created from business ideas. That's why we accompany you from the very first brainstorming session to the successful market introduction. In concrete that means: our IT consultants record, analyse, specify and validate your requirements. If there are changes, we check the extent to which these impact the project.

Business architecture

Are there differences in jargon impacting on communication between business and IT? Is your business model under pressure due to competitors and new technologies?

A well-planned business architecture helps you to find a language again and together judge changes with IT and business. We show you how you can use your business architecture for IT projects that advance your business model.

Product owner

Is your SCRUM project missing someone who acts as interface between the relevant department and those responsible for technical implementation?

With us, the position of product owner means far more than just compiling requirements. The product owner represents the vision for your product. At the same time, our consultants never lose track of the bigger picture.


IT architecture

Is your IT landscape heterogeneous and widely ramified? Do you have to make fundamental decisions about the future direction you will take?

Together with you, we get to the bottom of complex interdependencies in your IT landscape. Using a simple model, we make clear the things that need to be considered when adapting individual IT systems. Use it to reduce risk and costs for your IT projects and use the architecture model as a basis for optimising or modernising your systems.

Process analysis

Do you need well-documented process operations for an upcoming introduction of software? Do you want to create transparency?

We develop a reliable process model with you that can be used as a basis for your next steps. What that means: we set the optimal level of detail and define the right things to focus on when it comes to future software support. Important for us is that you gain long-term benefit. We do this by getting on board the people who will use the model.

Technical conception

Do you need a technical concept for your software that combines the needs of future users, management and complex technology?

Conveying specialist and technical knowledge to stakeholders of different backgrounds – a challenge we accept with pleasure. In addition to written documentation, we rely on clear communication to ensure that all stakeholders are up to date with everything at all times and have a consistent view of the requirements.

We lead your IT into the future

Are there large IT decisions looming for your company? Our experienced specialists take the next steps with you and actively support change processes. We analyse your current situation, uncover problems and create a path into the future – with custom solutions that are technology-independent.

  • IT master plan
  • Agile transformation
  • Audits
  • Change management
  • Turnaround management

IT master plan

Are there numerous outstanding projects at your company and you don't know where to begin?

Our IT consultants help you identify relationships between individual projects and set priorities. We analyse which projects will make fast, noticeable progress for your company. Based on these facts, we develop an IT master plan with you so you can stay on top of your various projects.

Agile transformation

Do you want to develop your software in an agile way? Are you wondering how much agility is suitable for your project and company?

We are intimately acquainted with both traditional waterfall models as well as agile methods, including SCRUM. We support you in finding the right degree of agility for your company and successfully carrying out agile transformation.


Are there problems in your IT project or your IT landscape that you can't define?

We get to the bottom of the root causes together with you. We form an overall view of the entire situation so that we can identify crucial errors – honestly and tactfully. To conclude, we develop a concept to resolve the causes for the errors and create long-term improvements for all stakeholders.

Change management

Are there large changes looming for your company? Do you want to modernise your IT?

With change processes, there's one thing to remember: the journey there is also the destination. That's because establishing change in your company is more complex than defining the target state of things. To do this, we get all stakeholders on board. We detect problems and together create a realistic concept for implementing innovations in your company together.

Turnaround management

Your project is experiencing difficulties – yet you can't identify the core of the problem?

We'll put your critical IT project back on its feet. Our IT consultants assist you in focussing on realistic goals and shedding unnecessary burdens. As a result, we develop (or restore) confidence in the project and team so that the project can reach completion in a way that everyone considers successful.


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