»Since I began eleven years ago, the number of employees here has more than doubled. I think it's great that we've still maintained the informal atmosphere of the company.«

Cornelia Utschig

»The mix of experience and young graduates, large projects and small audits; and various industries and clients suits me well. Thanks to the great rapport I have with my colleagues, I'm always kept informed of the broad range of topics on other projects.«

Karsten Kehler

»I enjoy lots of freedom to develop new ideas for HR. I can rely on the trust of our management and open feedback from my colleagues. As a result, I always have a genuine idea of how the team is feeling.«

Barbara Kuhndörfer

»It's not often you find a company that concentrates on keeping an eye on the social aspects of a project alongside the organisational and technical ones. This daily challenge and our great team mean that I am always happy to go to work.«

Christian Mikorey

Our Team

Engineers, computer scientists and enthusiasts – what we all share is our enjoyment of complex IT projects. Thanks to our different perspectives, we can develop solutions as individual as our clients.


Directors and partners

Dr Wolfgang Reissenberger
Director and partner

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Dr Wolfgang Reissenberger, director and partner

His many years of experience as a manager of large projects and as an IT architect and consultant in various industries make him a highly appreciated instigator and sparring partner for his clients. He's not afraid to talk about truths that may be inconvenient – though always combined with a creative idea for a solution. Consequently, he manages to motivate all stakeholders and focus on shared goals. As a director at Xenium, he is responsible for human resources and company strategy. He is far-sighted in more than just his job too. As soon as it gets dark, he chases far-away galaxies and stardust with his telescopes.

Michael Schneider

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Michael Schneider, partner

People play the most important role. Such is the lesson he has learned in more than 30 years as department manager, coach and project manager on large IT projects. Listening, absorbing different perspectives and using people based on their strengths – for him, that's the key to success. Whether as a CEO, developer or expert, he finds the right words. Even when the issues move beyond classic IT, to organisational development or change management, for example, he is always a valuable and communicative partner. With his calm and composed approach, he is also precisely the person for the finance department at Xenium. When he happens not to be on a project, he's searching for challenges in nature – as a passionate windsurfer and skier.

Dr Thomas Aschauer

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Dr Thomas Aschauer, partner

With the right amount of Austrian humour and an eye for the essentials, the gentleman from Salzburg always keeps his promises: whether he's leading a project at Daimler out of a crisis or launching a state-of-the-art online shop as project manager at SPAR, his enthusiasm is infectious and motivates everyone in the team to give their best. As  partner, he also makes use of this ability when he is introducing new clients to Xenium as marketing manager. He prefers to recharge his energy for this, when time allows, on his kiteboard surfing rapid waves.

Nico Seemann
Associate partner

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Nico Seemann, associate partner

His twin passions of giving structure to and solving IT problems has led him to global players in the automotive and logistics industries. Even early in his career, clients entrusted him with the management of their project teams. With a knack for communicating with employees, he puts projects on the right course and never lets the goal slip out of his vision, even in stressful situations. He's also been able to demonstrate this on the international stage: in Beijing, for example, he successfully supervised an integration project. In order to share such experiences, he has devoted himself to areas such as knowledge management as associate partner at Xenium.

Cornelia Utschig
Associate partner

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Cornelia Utschig, associate partner

Since January, Cornelia Utschig is the new member of the management team after becoming associate partner.

Nicole Weidner
Associate partner

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Nicole Weidner, associate partner

Since January, Nicole Weidner is the new member of the management team after becoming associate partner.


Timo Barske

Benedikt Berghammer

Barbara Duzik

Dr. Chantal Ganschinietz

Dr. Sebastian Held

Jannik Hofmann

Christian Huber

Jonas Jores

Johanna Kalder

Karsten Kehler

Artur Kister

David Kutscha

Dr. Georg Lindner

Melanie Matuschak

Dr Anna Melbinger

Christian Mikorey

Dr Jens Nullmeier

Jana Oesau

Hendrik Otto

Lobosch Pannewitz

Alexander Ruppert

Tobias Schäfer

Marian Schiemann

Elias Stadlbauer

Lukas Steiner

Dr. Insa Stucke

Felix Susenburger

Dr. Andreas Taut

Sebastian Thoma

Dr. Marion Triplet

Marvin Vogt

Dr. Markus Weber

Tobias Weber

Dr. Florian Werner

Artjom Weyand

Denis Wucherer


Nils Bartheld
Senior Recruiter

Barbara Kuhndörfer
Head of Human Resources

Back Office

Susanne Arpe
Board assistant

Silke Frobenius
Board assistant

Vanessa Poethen
Board assistant


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