»Since I began eleven years ago, the number of employees here has more than doubled. I think it's great that we've still maintained the informal atmosphere of the company.«

Cornelia Utschig

»The mix of experience and young graduates, large projects and small audits; and various industries and clients suits me well. Thanks to the great rapport I have with my colleagues, I'm always kept informed of the broad range of topics on other projects.«

Karsten Kehler

»I enjoy lots of freedom to develop new ideas for HR. I can rely on the trust of our management and open feedback from my colleagues. As a result, I always have a genuine idea of how the team is feeling.«

Barbara Kuhndörfer

»Since my first day at Xenium, I have felt like a fully-fledged member of our team. I particularly appreciate the wealth of opportunities for personal and professional development, as well as the chance to take on a high degree of responsibility in innovative projects.«

Christopher Weiß

Our Team

Engineers, computer scientists and enthusiasts – what we all share is our enjoyment of complex IT projects. Thanks to our different perspectives, we can develop solutions as individual as our clients.


Directors and partners

Dr Wolfgang Reissenberger
Director and Partner

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Dr Wolfgang Reissenberger, Director and Partner

His many years of experience as a manager of major projects, IT architect and consultant in various industries make him a valued source of inspiration and sparring partner for his customers. In doing so, Wolfgang Reissenberger is not afraid to speak uncomfortable truths - always combined with a creative solution idea. This way, he manages to motivate all parties involved and to keep them focused on the common goal. As Director at Xenium, he is responsible for Business Development and the corporate strategy. But his vision is not limited to his job. As soon as it gets dark, he hunts distant galaxies and star nebulae with his telescopes.

Michael Schneider

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Michael Schneider, Partner

The most important factor is the human being. Michael Schneider has been making this experience for over 35 years as a project manager and coach in large-scale IT projects. Listening, taking different perspectives and deploying people according to their strengths - that is the key to success for him. Whether CEO, product owner, developer or expert, he finds the right words. Thus, he is always a valuable partner at eye level, even beyond classic IT issues, e.g. in organizational development and change management. With his calmness, composure and empathy, he is also exactly the right person for the HR Department at Xenium. And when he's not working on projects, he seeks challenges in nature - as a passionate windsurfer, golfer and skier.

Dr Thomas Aschauer

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Dr Thomas Aschauer, Partner

With the right amount of Austrian humor and an eye for the essentials, Thomas Aschauer always delivers what he promises: Whether he is leading a project out of a crisis at Mercedes or introducing a state-of-the-art checkout system as a project manager at SPAR, his enthusiasm is infectious and motivates everyone in the team to give their best. He also brings this ability to his work as a Partner, for example when he convinces new customers of Xenium for Business Development or expands our location in Salzburg. When time permits, he likes to recharge his batteries on skis or during a trail run in the Alps.

Dr Anna Melbinger
Associate Partner

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Anna Melbinger, Associate Partner

How good an IT solution is can often only be assessed when you know the associated organization. True to this motto, Dr Anna Melbinger advises her customers, especially in the initial or transition phases of a project. The goal of the PhD of physics is to find the best solution for the specific situation and to bring it to life with sensitivity.
In addition, her heart beats for data-driven algorithms and artificial intelligence. At Xenium Anna is responsible to advance data science related projects and building up the needed knowledge – for our customers and her colleagues.

Christian Mikorey
Associate Partner

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Christian Mikorey, Associate Partner

As befits a true Xenium homegrown, Christian has already mastered the full range of challenges in IT consulting. At companies such as SPAR, Lilium, ADAC or Daimler, he has managed large-scale, critical projects, analyzed the IT landscape or designed customer journeys: The right mix of looking at the big picture and focusing on visible progress, make him a true all-rounder. Whether top management or team, specialist department or IT, Christian always finds the right connection to his counterpart. Despite his full commitment to Xenium, his private passion - traveling - is not neglected. He has already visited 37 countries and has many more on his bucket list.

Nico Seemann
Associate Partner

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Nico Seemann, Associate Partner

His passion for structuring and solving IT problems leads Nico Seemann to global players in the automotive and logistics industries. Early in his career, customers entrust him with the management of their project teams. With a good rapport with employees, he gets projects on track and never loses sight of the goal, even in stressful situations. Many clients - as well as our consultants, of course - now benefit from Nico's experience through his coaching. As an Associate Partner, he is responsible for our Sales Department and takes care of our Munich office. Outside of work, Nico is passionate about music and concerts.

Cornelia Utschig
Associate Partner

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Cornelia Utschig, Associate Partner

Directly after her studies in computer science, Cornelia Utschig starts her IT career in the field of artificial intelligence in logistics. After a few exciting years of research, she switches to IT consulting. Here, the computer scientist manages numerous IT projects in various industries - with a focus on IT operations and business organization. In her projects, she succeeds in forming a team from a wide variety of characters and aligning them towards a common goal. Finally, she burns for the topics of organizational development and change management, which she passionately drives forward as an Associate Partner. In addition, she manages the Finance Department with a cool head and is at the same time Managing Director for the Austria GmbH. Cornelia likes to relax and regain strength on her yoga mat and in the mountains.

Nicole Weidner
Associate Partner

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Nicole Weidner, Associate Partner

With clear communication, an open ear for problems and her unagitated manner, Nicole Weidner inspires customers and employees alike. Whether as a project manager for the replacement of a critical legacy system or in the stakeholder management of a major public project - she leads her projects to success with a focus on the essentials. Nicole addresses the long-term goals of her clients and sets the right course: From IT architecture to strategic product development. At Xenium, Nicole is responsible for the Marketing Department and the Berlin office. She lives with her family in the capital.


Emre Altindag

Kristina Appel

Timo Barske

Barbara Duzik

Mariella Galneder

Romy Gruber

Dr. Sebastian Held

Maren Hilgers

Christian Huber

Jonas Jores

Johanna Kalder

Anastasia Karyagina

Karsten Kehler

Artur Kister

Maximilian Krull

David Kutscha

Dr. Georg Lindner

Melanie Matuschak

Andreas Meuser

Luis Morschl

Christian Neubert

Quirin Neumann

Dr Jens Nullmeier

Jana Oesau

Hendrik Otto

Arief Pratama

Jeffrey Rietzler

Alexander Ruppert

Michael Schiffner

Verena Schlenck

Amelie Scholl

Christopher Schulz

Elias Stadlbauer

Dr. Insa Stucke

Felix Susenburger

Paula Sutor

Lara Szeimies

Dr. Andreas Taut

Sebastian Thoma

Marvin Vogt

Matthias Stefula

Helena Wasle

Dr. Markus Weber

Tobias Weber

Christopher Weiß

Dr. Florian Werner

Artjom Weyand

Denis Wucherer


Lena Barczak
Personnel Officer

Barbara Kuhndörfer
Head of Human Resources

Peter Paulini

Lena Stocker

Back Office

Silke Frobenius
Board assistant

Josephine Lehmann
Assistant to the management

Laura Möller
Marketing Officer

Vanessa Poethen
Board assistant


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