Social engagement

At Xenium, we get engaged and take on social responsibility because we are part of society ourselves. Just as our projects are close to our hearts, so are the organisations to which we donate. Often with a personal connection, but always with great admiration for the work of the many volunteers we are able to support in this way. 

Children, teens and families

As diverse as children's situations can be, so diverse are the organisations we support. From the sponsoring of sports, to the support of children living in poverty, to the work of a children's hospice:

Aufwind Mannheim Logo

»Aufwind Mannheim e.V.«

Aufwind Mannheim is committed to combating child poverty in Mannheim: simple, practical help for basic needs, but also support and assistance in daily life - for the children, but also for the parents. This is, for example, joint lunch, homework supervision or help with doctor's visits.

Kinderhospiz München Logo

»Kinderhospiz München«

"Not filling life with days, but filling the days with life" - that is the motto of the "Kinderhospiz München". The team accompanies terminally and life-threateningly ill children and teenagers and their families. Our colleague Amelie is also an active volunteer here. The aim is to support the families during this difficult time and to give them as much joy and normality as possible.

Off Road Kids Logo

»Off Road Kids«

The foundation is committed to helping street children and young homeless people throughout Germany. The aim is not only to curb loneliness, addiction, abuse and crime, but also to find a sustainable life perspective for everyone. This means ensuring professional and financial independence, psychological stability and social integration.

Triminis Logo


Introducing children to the sport of triathlon through swimming is the intention of the "TriMinis". By sponsoring the club, Xenium ensures that the young triathletes of the "TSG Schwäbisch-Hall" are always well equipped - whether on land or in the water.

Our business locations and local organisations

In addition to our company headquarters and founding location in Munich, we also have offices in Berlin and Salzburg. Therefore, we support organisations that are involved locally and support the people in Salzburg, Berlin and Munich:

Kältebus München e.V. Logo

»Kältebus München e.V.«

Helping the homeless - without ifs and buts. That is the mission of the Munich "Kältebus". The helpers meet the people in need at eye level and do not attach conditions to their help. The Kältebus offers direct support in everyday life and provides the homeless with food, drinks and hygiene articles. Xenium helps to finance this programme.

Münchner Tafel e.V. Logo

»Münchner Tafel e.V.«

The "Münchner Tafel" reminds us that poverty can affect anyone. Every week, 22,000 guests are provided with affordable food. In addition to the numerous volunteers and food donations, the project also relies on financial support, to which Xenium is happy to contribute.

Berliner Tafel e.V Logo

»Berliner Tafel e.V«

The "Berliner Tafel" is the original. Founded in 1993, the concept quickly spread throughout Germany. The fight against poverty and food waste has always been the top priority. More than 92,000 people are provided for every month.

Verein JoJo – für psychisch belastete Familien Logo

»Verein JoJo – für psychisch belastete Familien«

JoJo supports and accompanies psychologically stressed families in Salzburg with the aim of keeping the children healthy. It doesn't matter whether one parent or a sibling is suffering from a mental illness or prolonged mental stress: Depending on individual needs, the children, the parents, close relatives or the whole family are supported.

International and yet very close

We particularly like to get involved where we feel connected through personal contacts and where we get a direct insight into how our donations do good. Some organisations, on the other hand, are so well known that it is impossible to imagine society without them. Here, too, we want to provide support.

Hope project Logo

»Hope Project«

The "Hope Project" is dedicated to the development of a poor district in Delhi. All Xenium employees support the project with an annual Christmas fundraiser. The donations are intended to help the residents of the neighbourhood to make use of hidden potential and to take their future into their own hands. Xenium has been supporting the Hope project since 2009.

Zeltschule e.V. Logo

»Zeltschule e.V.«

Helping people to help themselves - this is probably the best way to describe what the "Zeltschule e.V." does. The refugees in Syria and Lebanon are actively involved in the tasks that arise and thus have the opportunity to organise themselves. A great approach, in our opinion!

Aerzte ohne Grenzen Logo

»Doctors without Borders«

Doctors without Borders are independent helpers in times of need. They do not differentiate on the basis of religion, skin colour or nationality, but focus their actions solely on the needs of their patients. The teams are active in more than 70 countries worldwide and provide urgently needed humanitarian aid in crisis areas. Xenium supports this commitment.

We unreservedly recommend all the organisations mentioned and are happy about any further support for the "good cause"!


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