Our Social Engagement

At Xenium, we show engagement because we, as part of society, want to take on responsibility and give something back.

'Ärzte ohne Grenzen'

'Ärzte ohne Grenzen' are independent helpers in times of need. They do not differentiate based on religion, skin color or nationality, but focus their actions solely on the needs of their patients. Their teams are active in more than 70 countries worldwide, providing urgently needed humanitarian aid in crisis areas. Xenium supports this commitment.


'Hope Project'

The 'Hope Project' is committed to the development of a slum in Delhi. With an annual donations drive during Christmas celebrations, all Xenium employees support the project. The donations are intended to help the slum's residents use hidden potential and take charge of their own futures.


'Kältebus München'

Helping the homeless - with no ifs, ands, or buts is the mission of the 'Kältebus München'. Their helpers meet people in need at eye level and do not attach conditions to their help. They offer direct support in everyday life and provide the homeless with food, drinks and hygiene articles. Xenium helps to finance this service.


'Munich Children's Hospice'

"Not filling life with days, but filling the days with life" is the motto of the 'Munich Children's Hospice'. Their team accompanies terminally and life-threateningly ill children and adolescents and their families. The goal is to support the families during these difficult times and to give them as much joy and normality as possible.

'Münchner Tafel'

The fact that poverty can affect anyone is demonstrated by the 'Münchner Tafel'. Every week, 22,000 guests are provided with affordable food. In addition to the numerous volunteers and food donations, the project also relies on financial support, to which Xenium is happy to contribute.

'Off Road Kids'

The foundation is committed to helping street children and young homeless people throughout Germany. The aim is not only to curb loneliness, addiction, abuse and crime, but also to find a permanently sustainable perspective on life for everyone. This means ensuring professional and financial independence, psychological stability and social integration.



Introducing children to the triathlon sport through swimming is the intention behind 'TriMinis'. By sponsoring jerseys, Xenium ensures that the young triathletes at TSG Schwäbisch Hall also look the part when they've finished swimming.


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