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We are there by your side and enthusiastically when it  comes to managing IT projects and creating processes and technical systems together with you.

Our speciality: putting critical IT projects back on the right track and leading them to success. We succeed by formulating precise requirements, using a clear business architecture, appropriate technologies and realistic plans. This is what we're passionate about - and have been for 20 years now.

With Xenium on board, you'll benefit from consultants who give you sustainable, understanding support as project managers, IT architects or business architects. We act independently of investors, products and technologies, because it's only this way that we can find individual solutions for your needs.

Xenium at a glance


Women and men at Xenium

3 locations: Munich, Berlin, Salzburg

Total turnover in 2023

Clients from medium-sized companies and Dax groups

More than 20 years of experience in IT projects

'Xenium' comes from...

… xenie [ˈkseːni̯ə]
and meant 'hospitality gift' in ancient times.

What that means for our clients? When you partner with Xenium, you'll always get more than you expect. Are you appointing a project manager? We can use this position to evaluate your IT architecture too. Do you need a business analyst? When acting as a business analyst, we also get to the bottom of complex project plans and find solutions that others don't. This is the excellent service standard to which we hold ourselves – a personal ‘xenie’ for each one of our clients.

Independent of investors

Shareholder structure

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Solvency index

In their own words

Learn what our clients appreciate most about us and what makes a partnership with us different.

Solid power

Why is a physicist well-looked after at Xenium? Because complex problems are on our daily agenda.


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