Would you like to master increasingly greater challenges over time and develop yourself professionally and personally while doing so? Then you're in the right place!

Depending on your experience and qualifications, you'll join us at one of our consultant levels. As soon as you fulfil the criteria for the next stage of development, we will promote you – right up to executive consultant or associate partner level.

  • Trainee IT consultant
  • Junior IT consultant
  • IT consultant
  • Senior IT consultant
  • Principal Consultant Managing Consultant
  • Executive Consultant Associate Partner

Trainee IT consultant

As a young professional, you'll participate in our trainee programme which Absolventa GmbH has already awarded on multiple occasions.

You'll receive a mentor, follow an individual development plan and take over your own packages of work on our projects from when you begin.


Junior IT consultant

As a junior IT consultant, you'll possess initial professional experience in computer science and be wanting to bear responsibility for subtasks and leadership duties.

You'll write concepts and specifications, support project management and take on your own packages of work when analysing and developing business processes and IT architectures.


IT consultant

As an IT consultant, you'll possess relevant professional experience in IT consulting and be looking for new challenges as a project manager or architect.

You'll analyse business processes and IT architectures, develop Business and IT concepts and carry out studies. Moreover, you'll coordinate and moderate interdisciplinary teams.


Senior IT consultant

As a senior IT consultant, you'll have extensive experience in project management and project architecture, and be wanting to take on responsibility for critical projects.

You'll take over specialist, technical and methodical management for complex IT projects. In addition, you'll audit IT systems and projects, and lead task forces for crisis projects.


Principal Consultant and Managing Consultant

As a principal consultant, you'll possess many years of experience in leading complex IT projects. On top of your project work, you'll be seeking to engage with the internals of the company and thereby help shape the future development of our company significantly.

You'll take over specialist, technical and organisational management for large projects and programmes. Furthermore, you'll lead large audits as well as task forces for turning around crisis projects.

Executive Consultant

Als Executive Consultant sind Sie Expertin bzw. Experte in Trendthemen der IT und haben langjährige Erfahrung in der Führung von komplexen IT-Projekten.

Sie sind firmenintern für die stetige thematische und methodische Weiterentwicklung von Xenium verantwortlich und sorgen für eine innovationsfördernde Firmenkultur. Bei unseren Kunden übernehmen Sie die fachliche, technische und organisatorische Führung von Großprojekten und Programmen.

Associate Partner

Als Associat Partner bündeln Sie die Kompetenzen einer exzellenten Beratungs- und Führungskraft mit unternehmerischem Talent.

Neben Ihrer fachlichen Verantwortung für ausgewählte Kunden und Projekte fokussieren Sie sich auf die Unternehmensführung. Sie übernehmen ein eigenes Ressort, wie etwa Marketing, IT oder Finanzen, und tragen maßgeblich zur Weiterentwicklung der Xenium AG bei.



You'll work as part of a project team on location with our client only shortly after joining us. You'll take on challenging duties and quickly learn new things too. As your experience increases so will your area of responsibility and you'll act more independently. You yourself will decide on the speed of your development. We'll give you the time and freedom to develop professionally and personally.

As part of your ongoing training, you'll listen to professional presentations and project reports from our colleagues and take part in our company workshops. You'll also complete basic training sessions


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